George Pataki

Interview Highlights

–  “People talk about the problems in the Republican Party, but I think Democrats have a bigger problem. Hillary Clinton is cratering, the scandals just keep coming. She has grave legal issues that could totally prevent her from continuing her campaign, and the alternative is a self-avowed socialist who has never run anything.”

– Can see an “outsider jump into the race” like Vice President Joe Biden, California Gov. Jerry Brown or Secretary of State John Kerry.

– “He’s (Donald Trump) just tapped into anger towards Washington, anger towards politicians. I understand the anger, but the solution is not to get behind someone who expresses the anger but does not have the necessary solution. I hope people coalesce around somebody who has a positive vision about how to bring Americans together.”  

About Governor George Pataki

Governor George Pataki tested the water for the Republican nomination for President in 2015, however withdrew just before the first contest as Republicans face an internal revolution. He served three terms as the 53rd governor of New York State, from 1995 through 2006. Governor Pataki led New York State through the attacks of September 11th and its aftermath. Widely known for his protection of over one million acres of open space, the most in New York State’s history, Governor Pataki balanced his pro-business philosophy with award-winning, cutting-edge policies in the renewable energy and environmental fields. At the end of his twelve years as Governor, New York State had its lowest rate of welfare dependency in over 40 years, its lowest rate of violent crime in over 40 years, had cut state taxes by over $140 billion, had almost 700,000.

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