Chairman Jeff Kaufmann

Interview Highlights

– “It’s an important issue (ethanol) out here. “I don’t think it’s an issue that will sink or allow one candidate to rise necessarily, but, I mean, it is a factor. If Senator Cruz wants to explain his opinion (opposition to ethanol), and I know he has an explanation for that, he can take it right to the people out here, and I’m guessing that he will,”

–  “I’ll tell you, I think there’s a strong argument that one of those two gentlemen (Cruz & Trump) has the inside track, but this thing is not over yet. Remember the thing about Iowa: There’s more than one ticket out of here. There’s going to be multiple people who are going to have momentum coming out of here, are going to be able to declare victory.”

About Chairman Jeff Kaufmann

Chairman Jeff Kaufmann is Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party. The Iowa caucuses are the first in the nation, February 1, 2016 and it is the first contest for delegates in the Republican Presidential Primary system. Chairman Kaufman served in the Iowa House of Representatives from 2005 to 2013, including six years in leadership positions in the GOP caucus and two years as Speaker Pro Tem.. In 2010, Kaufmann was part of the campaign leadership team that helped elect 60 House Republicans to the chamber. Kaufmann, 51, is a seventh-generation livestock farmer. He is a department chair at Muscatine Community College, where he teaches history and government. Recent polls indicate Trump and Cruz are fighting it out for first, while Senator Sanders seems to have opened a lead over Senator Clinton.

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