StevenMalangaInterview Highlights

– Speaks about the fall of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

About Steven Malanga

Steven Malanga is City Journal’s senior editor and a Manhattan Institute senior fellow. He writes about the intersection of urban economies, business communities, and public policy. Malanga is the author of The New New Left: How American Politics Works Today (2005); The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan than Today’s (2007) and Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer (2010). He was cited as one of Governor Chris Christie’s intellectual influences (Bloomberg Businessweek, August 2010). In 2013, former Florida governor Jeb Bush called Malanga “the best thinker on state and local fiscal matters” in a Twitter tweet; in a 2014 Manhattan Institute speech, he said that Malanga’s warnings on states’ coming debt and pension crises had influenced fiscal reforms undertaken in Florida. Before joining City Journal, Malanga was executive editor of Crain’s New York Business. This week he reports on the Shelly Silver trial.

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