RayKellyInterview Highlights

– “We’re going to see more of these (attacks like in San Bernardino), unfortunately..With the world we live in, these events should have been a surprise…By all appearances, this was an attack that was inspired over the Internet and was not one that was directed by ISIS central, if you will.”

– “They’re (ISIS) urging this through the Internet, through Twitter. They put out about 90,000 tweets or re-tweets a day. They’re trying to find some receptive ears to this message and it appears that in San Bernardino they found that.”

– “I don’t think we need more guns on the streets in this city or in this country. I am concerned about the wholesale increase of people carrying guns (in the U.S.). By definition, they are not going to be particularly well-trained…If you have a tumultuous situation where someone who is not well-trained take out a gun, you can compound that mayhem. Just imagine what the percentage would be if you significantly increased the number of people who had guns and who were not properly trained.”

About Former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was the longest serving Commissioner of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) in its history and the first person to hold the post for two non-consecutive tenures. A lifelong New Yorker, Kelly had spent 47 years in the NYPD. Kelly was a Marine Corps Reserve Colonel, Director of Police under the United Nations Mission in Haiti, and an Interpol Vice President. During the Clinton administration, Kelly served as Treasury Department Under Secretary for Enforcement, as Customs Service Commissioner. The first World Trade Center terrorist attack occurred on February 26, 1993 while Kelly was Police Commissioner under Mayor Dinkins (1992 to 1994), and Kelly led his department through the investigation of the bombing. Commissioner Kelly is currently the Vice Chairman, K2 Intelligence and author of best selling book, “Vigilance.”

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