Sebastian Gorka, former White House Deputy Assistant, tuned into The Cats Roundtable to discuss his new book, The War for America’s Soul, as well as to share what he sees as the long-term agenda in progressive thinking, and the policies of Democrats he finds infringing on the American experiment.

Citing the United States’ place as a refuge for the oppressed, Gorka starts off with the story of the Chinese lawyer Guangcheng Chen, who was arrested for his advocacy against China’s one-child policy, but escaped to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

“In Beijing,” Gorka told The Roundtable, “there must be the embassies of I don’t know, a hundred, a hundred and twenty nations; whose embassy door did he knock on, John?”

“The United States of America,” Catsimatidis replied.

“My message to everyone out there is if we lose this republic, the greatest experiment in democracy, whose embassy door are you going to knock on?” Gorka asked.

Gorka finds America locked in an ideological struggle, where radical Democrats are changing the symbol of America that people, like Guangcheng, look to.

“We have one party in America that has become avowedly radical,” he said, citing the unanimous support by Democratic presidential candidates for taxpayer-funded medical assistance for illegal immigrants. Beto O’Rourke claims during a primary debate that, “hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15,” and the Democratic Green New Deal.

Gorka finds that moderate Democrats have given up the responsibility of reigning progressive and radical wings of the party they’re in.

“Nancy Pelosi has effectively capitulated,” he said.

“When you have AOC, the squad, what I call the Horse-women of the Democrat Apocalypse, create this Green New Steal, a scam that not even Stalin would have imagined possible—where gasoline engines will be outlawed, you will not be able to fly, beef will have to be curtailed because cows are too flatulent—that level of insanity tells you we have a fight, John, we have a fight for the soul of this nation.”

Why did it happen?

Gorka doesn’t believe the change has happened overnight, calling it an 80-year progression and part of “what The Left called ‘the march through the institutions.’”

“Ronald Reagan was so right when he said the loss of liberty is but one generation away,” Gorka said.

Both The Roundtable and Gorka believe that the movement of moderate Democrats away from moderate policies is about power.

“What did Saul Alinsky teach The Left?” Gorka asks Catsimatidis, citing the American community organizer known for his influence on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. “You can’t defeat the establishment from the outside, you will be crushed, so what you do you subvert it from the inside.”

“This is Nancy Pelosi’s mistake as well it’s now an article of faith, John, that the ends justify the means.”

“Trotsky and Lenin said, ‘if you give me their children, I will own their future’,” Gorka added, “and we ceded the culture, the schools, the media—and that’s why we are where we are today.”

With his final word, Gorka warns the Roundtable against the implications of Beto O’Rourke’s threat.

“The second amendment is our last line of defense,” he said. “And The Left knows it.”

Listen to the interview below

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