Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich joined The Cat’s Roundtable to give his candid take on the latest from Washington, as well as to talk about the release of his upcoming book, Trump Vs. China.

            But first, Gingrich offers his analysis on the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.  He points out to The Roundtable that he sees two significant differences between the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump and the 1998 impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton in the House of Representatives, when Gingrich was Speaker of the House.

            “The first was we had a report from Ken Starr, that basically said on eleven different counts that Clinton was guilty,” Gingrich told The Roundtable.

            “Now if Mueller had come in and had said Trump was guilty even once,” he continued, “you could see that there would be some basis for moving forward this kind of an effort.  But he didn’t.”

            The second difference is the way that the impeachment inquiry is being treated by those leading the charge.  He cites the fact impeachment articles have only happened three times in American history, with President Andrew Johnson in 1868, President Richard Nixon in 1974, and President Bill Clinton in 1998.

            “We took it very seriously,” Gingrich told Catsimatidis. He finds the current treatment of the impeachment process by House investigators is lacking the bipartisanship of Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

            “We tried to make it extremely bipartisan,” he noted, adding that he joined the Democratic leader at the time, Dick Gephhardt, in a bipartisan press conference, agreeing the report would be published so the public could read their findings.

            Skeptical of the whistleblower complaint behind the impeachment inquiry, Gingrich cited the whistleblowers’ reported ties to the Democratic Party, calling them a “phony” and someone who was only “gathering up hearsay.”

            “The whole thing’s absurd,” he told Catsimatidis, adding that “this goes against everything in the American system and that’s why I think it’s ultimately doomed just to collapse.”

            As for whether Americans will throw their support behind these impeachment inquiries, Gingrich remains optimistic that the public will see their interests are not reflected in the impeachment inquiry.

            “The American people have an innate sense of fairness.  And that sense of fairness is being lost on Democrats,” he said, adding, “in a free society, sooner or later, facts come out, the truth comes out.”

            With his parting words, the former Speaker of the House described the background and content of his new book, Trump Vs. China.

            “I think China is the greatest challenge we’ve faced since the British empire in the 1770’s,” Gingrich said.

            “They’re organized, they’re determined, they’re running a dictatorship,” he added, citing this challenge led to three years of research and his partnership with Claire Christensen, the Director of Research and Chinese Studies for Gingrich 360, to write the book.  Gingrich tells Catsimatidis that readers and listeners would be surprised by what the research has revealed.

            “I think they’ll be very surprised how much they learn from Trump Vs. China,” he confided.

Listen to the interview below

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