Interview Highlights

– In Syria, we need to cooperate with the Russians “so that we don’t have inadvertent fights” in the air or on the ground…”inadvertent fights creates collateral damage…and can cause an inadvertent war with a power we did not intend to.”

– “Our early attempts to arm Syrian rebels… have ended up in the arms of ISIS.”

– From the Russian standpoint Syria was the “ideal opportunity to catch us off guard..and begin to assert that he (Russian President Putin) was a player in this area.”

About Michael W. Wynne

Michael W. Wynne was the 21st Secretary of the Air Force, and before that the Undersecretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics in the office of the Secretary of Defense both spanning 2001 to 2008.  He graduated from West Point in 1966, and has advanced degrees both in Business from the University of Colorado, and in Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology.  He served in the Air Force for seven years, finishing as Assistant Professor of Astronautics at the Air Force Academy. He has a focus in Government of Systems Engineering and Integration, tagging, tracking and sharing data as an asset of government; and introduced Cyberspace into the Mission of the Air Force in 2005 accelerating the debate about this domain for civil. Military, and intelligence uses. 

He is currently the Chairman of Hackproof Technologies; a Cyber Security Company.

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