Interview Highlights

– States that her husband (Chris Christie) has a record of working with members of both political parties, “I could see him transferring those skills on the national level, because he knows the issues so well and because he can really bring people together and forge compromise and get things done, he’s a real doer; he’s not just a talker.”

– “So much of what Chris and I have done over the years has been done as a team, so we decided to continue the tradition.”

– Says she is “gone anywhere from two to three days a week” campaigning for her husband.

– “Chris is just running around, and he’s so good at what he’s doing, but I get to remind him sometimes about what’s going on at home, and remind him to ask Patrick about a hockey game, or remind him to ask Bridgett about how she did on her social studies test, and that’s how come we work so well as a team.”

About Mary Pat Christie

Mary Pat Christie, is the First Lady of New Jersey, where she has successfully combined her roles as wife and mother with a business career and community service.   Mary Pat Christie is a politically savvy, deeply involved spouse who is having an impact on the Republicans voters.   She is the “political partner” with her husband Governor Christie.  Mrs. Christie has a Master’s in Business Administration and Finance and up until her husband Governor Chris Christie announced his Presidential plans, she held a major position on Wall Street. She has always been active in her husband’s political life, following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Governor and Mrs. Christie organized the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund to aid and rebuild communities most affected by the storm.

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