President Trump spent Thursday’s final presidential debate attacking Biden as a liberal who promised to socialize everything from energy to health care.  The President also spent the debate making the case his economic policies were needed to lead America back to the historic economic highs they saw prior to the pandemic.

Director of the President’s Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, echoed the President’s promises on The Cats Roundtable this Sunday, saying that Trump had shown there was a “clear difference” between his and Biden’s vision of America.

For Kudlow, Trump’s vision included wealth “to the middle class and the lower-rungs of the income ladder.” This “blue-collar boom” has led to a record-low unemployment rate, with Kudlow claiming lower incomes “have outstripped the upper incomes in terms of the rate of growth.”

With recent polls suggesting a majority of Americans feel they are better off now than they were four years ago, Kudlow emphasized Trump and the policies of his administration had brought unprecedented wealth to Americans, and that Trump’s leadership would pull the country back towards recovery.

“Even right now, with the devastating pandemic from the China flu and the shut down in the economy, we are coming back much faster and stronger than most people expected.  I call it a V-shape recovery, the president actually calls it a super V.”

While Kudlow admitted the pandemic “may not be over yet,” he credited the President’s Operation WarpSpeed which has led to the fast-tracking of therapies and vaccine research for the coronavirus.  He told The Cats Roundtable now wasn’t the time to change the captain of the ship.

“The economy will get stronger and stronger, so long as the policies remain in place—that’s the key point,” Kudlow concluded.

On Thursday, Biden drew ire for voicing his conviction to transition away from fossil fuels, and Kudlow reaffirmed the President’s commitment to the fossil fuel industry and the energy sector as a whole.

“We will continue all sources of energy,” Kudlow said.   “Renewables?  Yes.  Fossil Fuels?  Yes.  And I think my friends on the other side have the strong wrong—they want to end fossil fuels.”

With nine days to the election, Kudlow told The Cats Roundtable he believed the nearly polar opposite goals of Trump and Biden was the key to this election.  While Trump promises to continue to cut taxes, deregulate energy, and push for fairer trade agreements, Kudlow says Biden promises to erase the gains Americans have seen.

“That team looks like stagnation, and decline, and pessimism,” Kudlow said about Biden’s campaign while adding Trump was a “candidate, frankly, of growth, prosperity, and optimism.”

Kudlow went on to paint President Trump as an exporter of the American dream, based on the Reaganesque policy of being “strong at home, strong abroad.”

“He’s standing up for American interests, whether it’s trade or military defense,” Kudlow noted, saying Trump has put his foot down on unfair trade deals with China and helped ease generation-old tensions in the Middle East.

Promising Americans can expect more tax cuts for the middle class, more therapies to beat the pandemic, and more benefits for the average American worker, Kudlow told The Cats Roundtable he believed the Trump tide is raising all the ships.

“He’s had a profound effect here at home, but he’s also had a profound effect around the world—no, his critics will never give him credit for it, but yes, he has done it.  He has made huge changes in less than four years, and I think that’s why he deserves reelection.”

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