This Thursday, President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden debated for the last time before the November election.  On Sunday, Dershowitz told The Cats Roundtable the debate failed to bring the hard questions to the President or to Biden.

“I think the debate, from the American point-of-view, was terrible,” Dershowitz explained, adding that the moderator asked “no hard questions.”

Those hard questions include Biden’s reluctance to give his stance on potentially packing the Supreme Court, as well as Trump’s hesitancy to reveal his tax history.

Dershowitz reserved much of his criticism for the “soft-ball” questions from the moderator.  He knocked the failure to press Biden on recent allegations that his son, Hunter Biden, curried favor with the vice president for a Ukrainian businessman.

“I want to know the truth.  I want to know the facts, is it his laptop?” Dershowitz asked, referring to reports Hunter Biden’s laptop was the source of the report.  “Is it Russian disinformation?  I don’t think so.”

Dershowitz told The Cats Roundtable that both candidates had to answer to the American people, emphasizing that “the voters should not be denied relevant information before we vote.”

The same day as the debate, Senate democrats boycotted the Judiciary Committee hearing to advance Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to her confirmation vote to sit on the Supreme Court.  Despite Democrat’s attempts to stall the confirmation, the Republican majority in the Senate all but assures a party-line vote in favor of Barrett.

“That’s not the way the framers of the constitution intended the confirmation process to operate,” he told The Cats Roundtable.  Dershowitz mourned the “partisan wrangling” that has consumed the choosing of justices and judges,, but added Barrett was “highly qualified” and would serve “with distinction on the Supreme Court.”

Dershowitz did express concern about Barrett casting a deciding vote in a dispute over the November election, and whether that decision would create a “concern about the appearance of impropriety.”

“Would she recuse herself, or will she cast a vote, perhaps in favor of one of the litigants?” Dershowitz asked.


This Thursday, Dershowitz explained that he had filed a motion have his name unredacted from a 2016 transcript from the deposition of Ghislaine Maxwell, as part of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Though Insider reported “it’s not clear why Dershowitz’s name is redacted in the first place,” Dershowitz told The Cats Roundtable he wanted nothing to be mistaken.

“I don’t want anything hidden from the public,” Dershowitz told The Cats Roundtable.  “I have nothing to hide.”

Dershowitz has asserted he’s been framed, but told The Cats Roundtable he believed he would be vindicated by the justice system. And to Dershowitz, his quest to clear his name follows a legacy that stretches back to younger days, when he was a new graduate from Yale Law School.

“I couldn’t even get an interview with any Wall Street firm, because they weren’t hiring jews back in the day.”

But Dershowitz will continue to spite the shadow of what he calls the “bad old days.”

“We have to appreciate where we are, while trying to improve ourselves and make it much better.”

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