This Sunday, Biden’s new offer to trim-down his infrastructure plan is already flat-lining, with Republicans raising concerns the $1.7 trillion offer, down from $2.3 trillion, is still too far away for an agreement.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised Biden’s current proposal will meet a red wall in the Senate.  But some Republican voices, such as Larry Kudlow, are doubtful it will even pass the House. 

“Republicans in the Senate are holding, and I think the House is a problem,” Kudlow, former Director of the National Economic Council under Trump, told The Cats Roundtable on Sunday. “And right now, I’d say this big Biden bill is in a heap of trouble, which is very bullish for the stock market.”

For Kudlow, Biden’s agenda had become irrevocably left to the pulse of his party, and of the country as a whole.  He told The Cats Roundtable “class warfare” was the impetus behind Biden’s new policies, particularly Biden’s desire to hike corporate and capital gains taxes, which moderate Democrats have historically opposed. 

“This is ideological, this is left wing stuff,” Kudlow explained, noting billions from the last relief package remain unspent and Trump-era decisions such as cutting corporate tax rates benefited the middle and working class the most.  

And the culture war, and it’s erosion of policy, has reached a fever pitch this past week, with Biden’s latest executive order on climate change and the impact on the US financial system.  

Kudlow told The Cats Roundtable the order was “the nuttiest thing” he had ever heard. 

According to Kudlow, that’s because  the climate policy is one of many steps Biden and Democrats plan on taking to completely seize all sectors of the economy, with particular aim at the US energy market.

“It would give them the power, under the name of climate change, to regulate virtually anything in the economy,” Kudlow warned, dubbing it “climate change run amok.”

What is Biden’s intention, then?  According to Kudlow, it seems to be sabotaging the US economy.   But the heavy-handedness of Biden’s proposals could be his undoing.

“I think the prospects of this getting through are actually diminishing,” Kudlow said confidently, adding “it’s like you have a sense right now that the left-wing of the party is just going way too far, and people are beginning to say, ‘Enough is enough.  This is not who we thought we elected.’”

The rift between moderate Democrats and the progressives couldn’t be any more apparent after the 11-day war between Israel and Hamas. While the GOP remains staunch in it’s calls for Israeli self-defense, Kudlow said the Democratic party “has scattered” in its support for Israel.

“Republicans are now the party defending Israel,” Kudlow said, adding all these changing tide in the political waters had mainstreamed the GOP as the party standing for the majority of Americans.

Since Biden took office, the narratives from most mainstream news channels has been one of a fracturing GOP, but Kudlow begged the contrary.  With the 2022 election cycle just around the corner, the ambiguity and overreach permeating Biden’s White House have become a banner that’s united the GOP more than ever.   

“There’s no split in the GOP,” Kudlow said dismissively.  “The GOP is for energy independence, lower taxes, minimal regulations.  The GOP is for Israel, the GOP is tough on China. There’s no split on the issues.  The party that’s badly split is the democratic party, because of what these left-wingers are doing.”

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