Interview Highlights

 Regarding a possible Joe Biden run for the Democratic nomination for President: “He’s done it twice, and he hasn’t had the best track record doing it”.

– “I don’t hold to any illusions that this is going to be some kind of an easy straight shot open thing {for Hillary Clinton}”.

 Regarding the controversy around Hillary Clinton’s email and server: “The press goes from one thing to another, and it never amounts to anything…At the end of the day, they’ll find out there wasn’t anything to this”.

 Regarding Donald Trump: “He’s a pretty damn good salesman”.

About James Carville, Jr.

James Carville, Jr. (Rajin Cajun)) is a political commentator and media personality in the Democratic Party. Carville gained national attention for his work as the lead strategist of the successful presidential campaign of then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton.   Carville is playing a major, if unofficial role, if Senator Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2016.  He is married to Republican political consultant Mary Matalin.   

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