Interview Highlights

– “We need to be very careful, but Americans and Russians need to work with each other. We have not worked with each other in the last five years. We need cooperation on Syria.”
– “We need to get Russia off this kick of wanting to save Assad. We need to get Russia to stop meddling in Ukraine. But we also need Russia when it comes to arms-controls agreements. We need them to keep Iran contained. We need them for energy, for eliminating nuclear weapons.”
– “We’re two super powers – Russia is not as strong as it used to be – but it’s a shame that we’re not getting along, when in the past we had an understanding with each other, if Russia, the United States, instead of just fighting over Assad, we fight ISIS together with Europe, we may have a chance to bring some kind of stability to the region.” we’ll have to look at that and potentially add (more debates) here or there but it depends how far this thing goes.”

About Governor Bill Richardson

Governor Bill Richardson has led a distinguished public-service career for more than 30richardson years as a U.S. Congressman (1982-1996), U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations (1997-1998), and Secretary of Energy under President Bill Clinton (1998-2000). As a diplomat and Special Envoy, Richardson has received four Nobel Peace Prize nominations, and has successfully won the release of hostages and American servicemen in North Korea, Cuba, Iraq and the Sudan. Since entering life as a private citizen in 2011, he has authored three books (book link). Richardson has also served as a Special Envoy to the Organization of American States (OAS) and as a Special Fellow on Latin America at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University.

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