Interview Highlights

– Speaks about the Green Beret Foundation, which provides immediate and long-term support to our wounded, their families, and to the families of our fallen.

– “While the Veterans Administration should be doing the job, they are not. Therefore, it falls on us…we have a moral responsibility to help them.”

– On the 2016 GOP field: They are “all quality people, all experienced and accomplished. Every one of them could potentially be President. We can’t say that about the Democratic side.”

– “The most successful states are Republican-run states.”

About Georgette Mosbacher

Georgette Mosbacher  Ms. Mosbacher was the CEO and President of Borghese Inc., a worldwide cosmetic, skin care company.  Ms. Mosbacher served as a Republican National Committeewoman.  She was a senior advisor on the presidential campaigns of both John McCain and Mitt Romney.  She works closely with the Green Beret Foundation where she was honored by them with the most prestigious Steel Magnolia award for care and support of our American heroes.  

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