Whether the newest tensions from the Middle East, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack,
or the rising need for regulation in the wild west of cryptocurrency, former Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo broke down some of this week’s most pressing news.
Violence between Palestinians and Israelis has reached levels never seen before in
the past week. Israel says it has bombed 1,500 targets in the Gaza Strip, which is controlled
by the terrorist organization Hamas while reporting 2,800 rockets have been launched into
Pompeo was quick to note to The Cats Roundtable it was an open secret that Iran was
behind equipping and funding Hamas, and that Tehran had its hands all over the current
“The resources don’t exist in Gaza. The money is coming largely from the Islamic
Republic of Iran,” the former Secretary of State explained, calling Hamas an “Iranian proxy
force” with “genocidal intent.”
Even as Biden and the United States reconfirmed its commitment to Israel’s right to self-
defense, Pompeo railed the White House’s backdoor dealing with Iran.
“While the Iranians are writing checks to Hamas, which is then firing missiles into
Israel, the United States is negotiating with that same Iran to give them billions of dollars,”
Pompeo said, also noting Biden’s funneling of millions of taxpayers dollars in aid to the
Palestinians, money that he says is ending up in the pockets of organizations that seek to
destroy Israel.
“That money will end up in all kinds of pockets,” Pompeo warned. “Corrupt leaders will
transfer to those folks who are conducting these terror campaigns.”
According to the former Secretary of State, under Trump, and Pompeo’s State
Department, there was no ambiguity compared with Biden’s current attempt to play both sides
of the line. The Biden administration was slipping back into what he sees as the failed
attempts to appease Iran during the Obama era.
“Our team got it right,” Pompeo said. “We denied the Palestinians any money coming
from the United States. We put real pressure on the regime in Iran. We took down their
economy in a way that denied them the ability to continue to underwrite exactly these kinds of
Pompeo was worried that Biden’s return to appeasement would embolden American
enemies. This was particularly apparent in the recent ransomware attack on the Colonial
pipeline. After a ransom of 4 million dollars was paid to the hackers, the pipeline finally turned
back on, but not after creating panic at gas pumps across the eastern United States. Pompeo
said paying off the hack, whom he believed had the hallmarks of a Kremlin-led operation, only
created long-term problems for the US.
“You can’t pay money, you can’t appease,” Pompeo asserted. “If you do that, if you tell
them, ‘Hey, take it American, and we’ll write you a check!’ I can assure you, we’ll be writing
more checks, and they’ll be taking more American.”

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