Americans from coast to coast are flinging their masks off. But as the vibes of summer begin
to beat to a yearning crescendo, how we got to this place, out of the tragedies of the past
year, remain questions that are difficult to answer. The missteps that have led us to a new
beginning are being studied and with the return of Americans to work seeming to slow,
fueling a new wave of economic worries, fears are mounting a continued bungling of the
recovery by the Biden administration could spell new setbacks.
Dick Morris joined The Cats Roundtable to peel back the experience that we are still
marching away from. Morris was glad Biden and the CDC had lifted mask recommendations
for vaccinated Americans, finally taking steps he felt were long overdue.
“Biden has finally decided that we don’t have to walk around with face masks on, we
don’t have to social distance if we’ve got the shot, and the era of the lockdown seems to
becoming to an end,” Morris noted.
But he also indicated the partisanship that has afflicted the US before the pandemic
blinded us in the midst of it. In hindsight, Americans were forced into an either/or: to
lock down or not lockdown, when Morris believed the real solution had always been rapid and
extensive testing.
“The key point that drives me crazy about this is there was a completely viable
alternative to the lockdown: testing,” Morris told The Cats Roundtable. “There was a third
choice all along: which is you develop testing to a point where you can do it instantly and you
make tens of millions of tests.”
The tunnel vision of the response, Morris indicated, focused instead on securing a
vaccine rather than creating an adequate testing infrastructure, ultimately leading to
lockdowns and all the socio-economic, psychological, and health crises that accompanied
“This harm, this economic harm, the psychological harm,” Morris mourned. “Our kids
not getting educated for over a year, all of that was entirely avoided if we had an ounce of
planning and a determination, when this broke out, to warp speed two things: the vaccine and
While Trump delivered the vaccine, and testing has caught up after the fact, Morris was
disconcerted Biden seemed aimed at punishing the pharmaceutical companies by removing
intellectual property rights to the vaccine.
“I am also disgusted that Biden is retaliating—no deed goes unpunished—against
these pharmaceutical companies that developed this vaccine,” Morris told The Cats
Roundtable, explaining that “by taking away their intellectual property rights from the vaccine”
the Biden administration had stripped the creators of the right to create a patent and hindered
the vaccine efforts he seemed intent on championing.
Morris said Biden’s decision to go against the voice of the pharmaceutical companies
in the name of an international vaccine campaign ultimately left Americans behind in the
name of the new White House’s ideology.
“So he can provide vaccines to other countries around the world, so we have more
people making the vaccine,” Morris said but noted the companies that actually had the “guts”
were “being punished” for helping mankind.

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