Interview Highlights

– “The problem isn’t the people in the street, it’s not the community, the community supports the police. The problem is weak politicians, weak policies where leadership is failing to get involved.”

– “We have our own police commissioner takes marijuana cigarette out of someone’s mouth, a misdemeanor arrest, throws it in the sewer and then brags about it. What do you think is being told to the members of the NYPD when you see those types of actions? That it’s OK to avoid those types of misdemeanor arrests?”

–  “For the life of me I can’t figure out how he’s coming up with these (criminal justice) policies that can only be described as lunacy and political pandering. He’s (Bratton) jeopardizing the lives of police officers…If that’s coming from political pandering then you have a decision to make. If you make a decision based on that what is good for you rather than the people you lead then it’s time for you to not be there.”

About Ed Mullins

Ed Mullins, President Sergeants Benevolent Association, has been a member of the New York City Police Department since January 1982. On July 1, 2002, he was elected President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association by an overwhelming majority of its members. As President of the SBA, one of New York City’s most visible labor unions, and one of the largest police unions in the nation, he oversees the daily administrative and operational functions of an 11,000 member organization with assets in excess of $180 million, he is the organization’s chief spokesman, advocate and visionary. He serves as Chairman and Trustee to the union’s Health Benefits Fund and Annuity Fund. He is a Trustee for the New York City Police Pension Fund, with fiscal holdings estimated to be in excess of $16 billion. This week’s tragic killing of yet another NYPD officer has many wondering are we doing enough to support or police.

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