Interview Highlights

–  “Things are getting worse {in NYC}, there is a state of decline, quality of life is deteriorating, we need to stop the slide.”

– “There is an increase in homelessness and crime in our city”.

– “Mayor de Blasio taking away stop & frisk was the biggest mistake”.

– On the GOP Presidential candidates: “Each and every one of them are capable of running this country”.

About Craig Eaton

Craig Eaton is an attorney and Chairman of the Kings County Republican Party (Brooklyn) New York City.  Mr. Eaton works closely with all elected officials to assist the residents of Brooklyn. He is the former Chairman of Community Board Ten in Brooklyn, where he previously served as Zoning Chairman.  Chairman Eaton presided over the few Republican victories in the City, City Council and Congress.  Eaton is considered to be one of the most effective County Chairs in the State.

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