About  Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams columnist and writer. She is the widow of comedian/humorist Joey Adams.  Since 1979 – Adams has written a gossip column for the New York Post – a New York City newspaper.  Adams developed a love for dogs in the late 90’s.  Her pets Jazzy – her Yorkshire Terrier – trailed her in public and became a minor celebrity himself.  She became a vocal advocate for strengthening regulations of boarding kennels. In 2004, she convinced the New York City Council to pass the Boarding Kennel and Regulation Act – also known as “Jazzy’s Law”.  According to Adams – “To prevent suffering pain – this local ‘Boarding Kennel and Regulation Act’ will: license kennels – monitor them regularly – fine those in violation – require records and rules – demand boarded pets prove vaccination and immunization against contagious doggy diseases.”  In the past 10 years Adams has organized the blessing of the Animals at Christ Church on Park Avenue.  Every animal imaginable including NYPD horses show up for the service.

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