Former Speaker Newt Gingrich – New Gingrich on his books and Trump

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich is the former Speaker of the House of Representatives. After the 1994 mid-term elections – Newt Gingrich became the first Republican Speaker of the House in 40 years. While he was House speaker – the House enacted welfare reform – passed a capital gains tax cut in 1997 – and in 1998 passed the first balanced budget since […]

Charles Sullivan – Kneeling during anthem un-American

Charles Sullivan, is a New York City businessman and benefactor.  Mr. Sullivan is known to host the annual FBI Christmas party as well as Chinese artists at Carnegie Hall.  Together with his late father Billy owned the New England Patriots Football Club for 30 years. The Patriot team Billy, Charles and Patrick Sullivan thoughtfully built into a participant in Super […]

Luis Balzac – Puerto Rico in need of help

Luis Balzac serves as Managing Partner at the BalzacCapo Group. During the pastdecade, he served as Deputy Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, Assistant Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce and as Regional Director for the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, in New York.  As founder and President of BalzacCapo Group, a public relations, marketing and business development consulting firm – […]

Michael Bagley – A refugee solution?

Michael Bagley is founder and president of Jellyfish, an innovative economic diplomacy team created to provide unique operational support to corporate, government and military stakeholders around the world.  Jellyfish places a strong emphasis on public-private partnerships to help create better economic investments and improved relationships with and between local populations and the corporate/government/military spectrum.  Bagley and his team at Jellyfish are […]

Edward Rollins – Presidents must work with Congress, not against

Edward Rollins is a Republican campaign consultant and advisor who has worked on several high-profile political campaigns in the United States.  In 1972 – Rollins was hired as an operative for the California campaign to re-elect President Richard Nixon. This gave Rollins his first close contact with Governor Ronald Reagan – who chaired Nixon’s California campaign – and Lyn Nofziger – […]

Stephen Moore – Meaningful tax reform will emerge

Stephen Moore, who formerly wrote on the economy and public policy for The Wall Street Journal, is the Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Project for Economic Growth, at The Heritage Foundation.  He is currently one of Trump’s most trusted economic advisors.  Moore, was a member of The Journal’s editorial board, then returned to Heritage in January 2014 — about 25 years after […]

United States Senator Mary Kathryn “Heidi” Heitkamp – Guess who came to dinner

United States Senator Mary Kathryn “Heidi” Heitkamp is the junior UnitedStates Senator from North Dakota, elected in 2012 she is a Democrat.  She was one of 6 Senators recently invited to the White House to discuss tax policy.  A member of the North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party, she is the first woman elected to the US Senate from North Dakota. She […]

Dr. Mark Souweidane – Gene theraphy for pediatric leukemia huge step forward

About Dr. Mark Souweidane Dr. Mark Souweidane Vice Chair, Neurological Surgery, Director, Pediatric Neurological Surgery, Co-founder of Children’s Brain Tumor Project  Dr. Souweidane is nationally recognized in pediatric neurosurgery, with a strong focus in childhood brain tumors. He is regarded as a highly accomplished micro neurosurgeon and expert endoscopic surgeon and is a compassionate advocate for children.  Dr. Souweidane oversees a translational […]

Alan Dershowitz – Criminalizing Politics is Dangerous

About Alan Dershowitz Professor Alan Dershowitz is Brooklyn native who has been called “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer” and one of its “most distinguished defenders of individual rights -” “the best-known criminal lawyer in the world -” “the top lawyer of last resort -” “America’s most public Jewish defender” and “Israel’s single most visible defender – the Jewish state’s […]

Former Navy Admiral James Stavridis – North Korea, the brink of war?

About James Stavridis Former Navy Admiral James Stavridis retired Admiral in the U.S. Navy.  He was the Supreme Allied Commander of the NATO Alliance in global operations from 2009 to 2013.  He also served as Commander of U.S. Southern Command – with responsibility for all military operations in Latin America from 2006-2009.    He was Senior Military Assistant to Secretary of […]

Senator Charles Schumer – Washington at a standstill for big items, healthcare.. taxes

About Charles Schumer Senator Charles Schumer is the Minority Leader of the United Sates Senate.  Heis the senior United States Senator from New York – a Democrat.  First elected in 1998 by a margin of 55%–44%. Schumer was re-elected in 2004 by a margin of 71%–24% and in 2010 by a margin of 66%–33%.  Before his election to the U.S. Senate […]

Dr. Peter N. Schlegel – Men’s fertility alarming 60% drop

About Dr. Peter N. Schlegel Dr. Peter N. Schlegel, MD, FACS is the James J. Colt Professor of Urology, professor of Reproductive Medicine, and Urologist-in-Chief for New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.  His early training as a resident at Johns Hopkins led him to perform groundbreaking work in prostate cancer and male infertility.  After a fellowship at Cornell and Rockefeller/The Population […]

Professor Richard Baum – Drug epidemic declared

About Richard Baum Professor Richard Baum leads the White House Office of Drug Control Policy. This position is often called the “Drug Czar” of the nation.  Professor Baum is a policy expert who has worked for nearly 20 years in numerous strategic and leadership roles at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). His tenure at ONDCP has […]

John Chachas – Never before has the media been so divided and biased

About John Chachas John Chachas – John Chachas began as First Boston’s managing director of the firm’s Media Group.  In 2000, he joined Lazard as a managing director and co-head of the firm’s Media Advisory practice in the Americas. He advised the board on the $18 billion buyout of Clear Channel Communications, the Walt Disney Company on its 2006 sale […]