About Andrew Stein

Andrew Stein (born Andrew J. Finkelstein) served on the New York City Council and was its last president, and as Manhattan Borough President.  He was a member of the New York State Assembly from 1969 to 1977, sitting in the 178th, 179th, 180th, 181st and 182nd New York State Legislatures.  In 1977, Stein was elected as borough president of Manhattan.  He was the Democratic nominee for Congress in the “Silk Stocking District” on Manhattan’s East Side in 1984, but was defeated by incumbent Republican S. William Green. Stein declined a race for a third term as borough president in 1985 to run for city council president.  Stein retired from the city council presidency and from public life in the city.   Since leaving office in 1993, he has pursued private business.

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