Deep in the heart of Texas, lawmakers cleared a “constitutional carry bill” that drops most handgun license requirements.  The move comes as Republicans raised concerns about Biden’s failure to finish Trump’s border wall and overall immigration policy made Texans increasingly unsafe.  

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined The Cats Roundtable this Memorial weekend, explaining the handgun bill was “just honoring what the Founders put in place.” Paxton dismissed the liberal backlash against the legislation, explaining the bill was aimed at protecting Texans from government tyranny.

“We’re a pretty second amendment state, and I think it was time for something like this to pass,” Paxton said.  

The Texas Attorney General railed against Biden’s current immigration strategy, or lack of any coherent strategy ultimately leaves Texans vulnerable.  With thousands attempting to cross the border each day, Paxton said Biden’s policy was responsible for the uptick in “trafficking of drugs and people” in Texas.

“People feel a lot less safe than they did a month ago,” Paxton noted.  But Biden’s failure to adjust to the influx at the border could be tied to his lack of presence there.  Paxton has toured the border towns, listened to the struggles of county officials, and seen the border patrol try to fight with one hand tied behind its back.

“This particular policy of the Biden administration is economic stimulus for the cartels,” Paxton told The Cats Roundtable.  “Because they are incentivised.  The more people that they can bring, the more money that they make.”

As the rule of law increasingly disintegrates south of the border, the cartels have demanded exorbitant prices to bring people across the border, prices many can’t pay.  

“We have a pretty good idea that the cartels keep track of these people,” Paxton explained, “and their sort of indebted to them, because they can’t necessarily always afford to pay the price.”

  Paxton also decried the criticisms from Democrats of states like Texas tightening their voting laws.   He told The Cats Roundtable anybody who attempted to loosen verification procedures did so in bad faith to the voting process.

“You can be pretty sure you’ve got a high degree of fraud,” Paxton explained.  He added, “the reality is, it’s covered in discrimination, but the reality is the only reason you don’t want people to have a photo ID is so that people can cheat.  That’s the only rational answer as to why certain people want no photo ID requirements.”

With spring approaching, Paxton squared with The Cats Roundtable about the winter storm that struck Texas early this year.  He vowed to get to the bottom of the failures to prevent a similar situation in the future.

“My goal as the attorney general of Texas is to find out what happened and bring some transparency and try to figure out how we can prevent what happened in February,” Paxton said.  

With the vulnerabilities to the American energy grid made all too clear with the Texas storm and the Colonial Pipeline Hack, Paxton was quick to criticize Biden for his shutting down of American pipelines, such as the Keystone XL.

“It’s much more environmentally sound and safe to transfer it by pipeline than it is by railcar,” Paxton pointed out. “But the Biden administration has done is really anti-American.  It’s shut down jobs, it’s made us less secure.”

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