Interview Highlights

– Speaks about the race for the White House and the party primaries.

About Robert M. Shrum

Robert M. Shrum is a political consultant, who has worked on numerous Democratic campaigns, including the presidential campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry Shrum wrote the famous speech Ted Kennedy gave at the 1980 Democratic National Convention conceding to and supporting President Jimmy Carter. Shrum began his political career as a speechwriter, first for New York City Mayor John Lindsay, and then for Edmund Muskie. He later worked for George McGovern, Dick Gephardt, Michael Dukakis, Senator Bob Kerrey, Al Gore and for twenty-six winning U.S. Senate campaigns; eight winning campaigns for Governor; the Mayors of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Dade County and San Francisco, and the Democratic Leader of the United States House of Representative.

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