On January 2nd, a dozen GOP senators have promised to delay the certification of the 2020 presidential election on January 6th.  The Senators intend to “reject the electors” from states disputed by President Trump unless an emergency audit of the election results is completed.

But the Trump team is hoping Americans won’t wait for the decorum and put pressure on lawmakers from the statehouse to Capitol Hill to contest the legitimacy of electors in key battleground states.

One of the leading voices in Trump’s spearhead to prove he won the election is American attorney Sidney Powell, who said these first weeks of January could decide the fate for “this Republic and the rule of law.”

“If we don’t fix it right now, I don’t know when we would have another chance, because it will double if it’s allowed to survive this election,” Powell told The Cats Roundtable.

Powell and the Trump campaign have claimed evidence of fraud in the 2020 Presidential race was “well-documented,” but the courts and legislatures have largely refused to hear the President’s case.

According to Powell, the Trump campaign had a report that proved “votes were flipped from Trump by exploiting an algorithm in voting machines in battleground states that ultimately went to Biden, even as Trump lead on election night. The Trump campaign has also claimed “hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots” were “printed for Biden only” after election day in key battleground states.

In Fulton County, Georgia, for example, Powell claims the voting machines kicked hundreds of thousands of votes into a single file “for a human being to decide, in a matter of minutes, where those hundreds of thousands of votes went.” And Powell believes the evidence shows most of those votes, if not all of them, were given to Biden.

But having the evidence hasn’t proven to be enough to get the President’s case heard.

Departing Attorney General William Barr, a long time ally of the President, has rejected claims that the 2020 elections were compromised, and the Supreme Court has refused to intervene, to the chagrin of the Trump campaign.

Powell castigated the DOJ’s refusal to get involved in the 2020 election, as well as the courts that had thrown out Trump’s claims, implying that they were standing by as a “communist coup” unfolded.

“We have a complete failure of our institutions, from the law enforcement to the Department of Justice to our courts right now,” Powell told The Cats Roundtable, adding she couldn’t believe that with some of the “most important issues the Republic has ever faced” on the table, the Supreme Court wasn’t set to reconvene until January 8th.

“We have four cases pending there,” Powell said, “effecting Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia, more than enough to change the results of the election, and they’re just sitting on it.”

In Georgia, where a crucial Senate run-off election could decide the balance of power in Congress for years to come, Powell encouraged voters to “get out and vote and break the algorithm again,” but pulled no punches that she thought the results of the run-off, if voter fraud was as widespread as she believed, were just as questionable as the Presidential race.

The former federal prosecutor called on Trump’s supports to not wait for January 6th to “make your voices heard,” urging it was time to “get loud and get personal.”

“They need to know the American people are awake and know what happened in this election,” Powell said about lawmakers, adding she hoped Americans would read the proof the courts ignored.

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