sam robertsSam Roberts is the Urban Affairs Correspondent for The New York Times. He was formerly city editor for The New York Daily News. His reporting has won prizes, including awards from the Newspaper Guild of New York and the Peter Kihss Award for the City of New York. His books include Who We Are Now and The Brother, which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.   Sam is married to Marie Salerno the President/CEO & Co-Founder, National Parks of Newfederal-hall george Washington statueYork Harbor Conservancy.  The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy (Harbor Conservancy) is the primary nonprofit partner of the National Parks of New York Harbor (NPNH)—a division of the National Park Service that stewards 10 national parks with 22 destinations in the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area.  Together Sam and Marie have taken on the Federal Hall restoration project in lower Manhattan.  Federal Hall in the Financial District of lower Manhattan is the site of the first Congress  and where the first President, George Washington was inaugurated when New York City was the nation’s first capital.  Sadly the site has fallen into disrepair. Federal Hall


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