About Jay Pasachoff

dr pasachoff astronomer eclipseProfessor Jay Pasachoff is an American astronomer. Pasachoff is Field Memorial Professor of the sun pssachoffAstronomy at Williams College and the author of textbooks and trade books in astronomy, physics, mathematics, and other sciences. Pasachoff will be viewing his 66th solar eclipse, the most of anyone ever.  Pasachoff has carried out extensive scientific work at total solar eclipses, and has championed the continued contemporary scientific value of solar eclipse research. Pasachoff is heading one of the largest organized scientific expeditions to study the Sun, and the Sun’s effects on Earth, at the eclipse August 21, 2017. Their main observations are to study the solar corona, a million times fainter than the everyday Sun and normally hidden behind the blue sky.  Pasachoff said,  “Only at a total solar eclipse, when the blue sky goes away because normal sunlight is hidden by the Moon, can we see the corona at all this well.” “The Sun” solarcorona.com  

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