One of Trump’s closest confidantes, Peter Navarro joined The Cats Roundtable this Father’s Day to evaluate the Biden administration’s first months in office, and the 2020 election, with its lingering questions and irregularities, that brought Biden into the White House.
Navarro was unequivocal in his position Biden’s White House was intent on hamstringing the unprecedented growth of the Trump administration. He told The Cats Roundtable that the Biden administration’s policies were aimed at creating “slow growth plus inflation” at home while creating “uncertainty around the world.”
“What we have is a president in the White House now who’s undoing 4 great years of the Trump administration,” Navarro declared. “We had unprecedented growth, rising real wages for blue-collar manufacturing workers, and we had peace around the world—Biden is doing everything possible to turn that on its head.”
This was particularly alarming because of Biden’s complete reversal of Trump’s hard-line with China. Navarro called Biden’s China policy, or lack of, a “tragedy” that didn’t meet the existential threat Beijing posed to the US.
“It’s a tragedy what Biden is doing undoing our China policy because everybody in this country knows now the Chinese Communist Party is out to kill us and take our money and take our jobs—yet we’re not standing up to them,” Navarro warned.
The assault on Trump-era policies is part of a larger engine of erasure of Biden’s predecessor, according to Navarro. That assault, which stretched from Trump’s presidential campaign to his final days in office, crystallized, Navarro believes, with Biden’s election in the 2020 presidential election, an election that has cast a shadow over the legitimacy over Biden.
“I’ve been focused on this whole issue of election irregularities,” Navarro said, adding his “clear position” based on the evidence he’d uncovered was that the 2020 election “was stolen across six battleground states.”
The voting irregularities, Navarro claims, point to a systemic attempt to use a “stuff-the-ballot-box strategy” via a two-pronged strategy. After stuffing the ballots with mail-in and absentee ballots, Democrats eliminated verification methods for validating legitimate ballots. While Biden carried the election by razor-thin margins in six battleground states, Navarro told The Cats Roundtable removing fraudulent ballots that voted for Biden would have been more than enough for Trump to win.
The nexus of anti-Trump sentiment that surrounded Trump’s administration had worked its way inside as well and led to deadly consequences. Navarro aimed at the credibility of Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose guidance during the pandemic has come under fire after it was revealed he was involved in funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab, now the central focus of the lab-leak investigation.
“It turns out that guy, during the whole pandemic, it turns out he’s responsible for the pandemic,” Navarro told The Cats Roundtable, adding Fauci had done “incalculable damage” and should have been “fired a year ago.”
Navarro recalled a moment in February 2020, when he had advocated for the early initiation of a vaccine program, Dr. Fauci had pushed back on the urgency that would eventually lead to Trump’s approval of operation Warp Speed.
“I went out publicly with that, and you know who the person was to challenge me? Tony Fauci,” Navarro told The Cats Roundtable. “Every time I turned around, that son of a gun was there.”

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