Interview Highlights

– Predicts that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will be the next Speaker. “He’s (McCarthy) a very bright, capable guy. He was the leader in the California assembly for the Republicans, he has been rising steadily, and he’s very widely liked and very widely accepted.”

– “For Boehner, I think, he realized it would never get better than this (The Pope addressing Congress), and I think that’s part of why he had been exhausted, he had been fighting a long battle with critics on the right, and I think he just decided, you know, enough’s enough.”

– On visiting Boehner after the Pope’s address to Congress: “We went by Boehner’s office afterwards, and I have to say I didn’t see it coming on {Boehner’s resignation}, I knew he was very tired and [Boehner’s wife] Debbie was very tired, and they were really sort of fed up with the constant attacks, but it had been such a great day for him, and he was so emotionally affected by the pope’s visit, which you could see on television, that I really didn’t pick it up {that he was planing to resign}.”

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