Whether it’s pushing for the statehood of Washington D.C., packing the Supreme Court, hiking taxes on investors and workers alike, or the passing of anti-Republican, anti-fossil fuel, and anti-business legislation, Democrats offer the gambit.

But these series of unpopular policies and Democratic reliance on the culture war are also an Achilles’ heel for Republicans who are quickly weaponizing for the 2022 election.

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, said Democrats were working to “cripple the United States” before they lose the majority in the House.  He spoke candidly on The Cats Roundtable, calling the Biden administration “the most anti-American presidency in our country’s history.”

According to Gingrich, this was made most clear in the Derek Chauvin trial this past week.   Instead of cooling tensions, Biden and Harris inflamed them with their comments on Chauvin’s guilty verdict.

“They had an opportunity to come out and say, ‘Look, the system works,’” Gingrich noted to The Cats Roundtable.  “And instead, they came out and they went off on a whole rant about institutional racism.”

Gingrich reflected that American adversaries, such as China, used the same rhetoric in their attempts to undermine American credibility, and that left-wing cultural criticisms mirrored the “major theme of Chinese communist propaganda.”

“You have a very smart Chinese dictatorship which is running circles around the American bureaucracy,” Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable.  “You have very left-wing Americans who really, I think, prefer China to the United States.”

But, according to Gingrich, as Democrats fumble with policies that verge on “loony tunes,” Republicans are ready to pick up the pigskin.

Gingrich noted the same psychic dissonance unfolding in 2021 echoed the discontent that saw the upending of business-as-usual politics with the rise of Trumpism.

“This is exactly what led to the rise of Trump in 2015 and 2016,” the former Speaker explained.  “And was this sense you had incompetence dealing with the real world.  These folks, I think, live in a fantasy world.”

While Democratic fantasies can be powerful aphrodisiacs, it was up to the GOP to smell the roses for all Americans. Until 2022, Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable it was the responsibility of Republicans to make the case against Democratic subterfuge, which privileges policy before the people.

“I think if Republicans were more articulate, they would realize that more rapidly and more deeply,” Gingrich told The Cats Roundtable.  “I mean, these are failures of policy.”

If the GOP can’t take up the mantle, the then-Democratic economic and social policy will drastically reshape the dynamics of America.  That radical status quo, Gingrich believes, will hamstring American growth when Americans need it the most, perhaps irrevocably.

“They’re going to destroy American industries,” the former Speaker said.  “These things are a matter of left-wing policies that just don’t work, and I think people are beginning to realize that.”

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