Spending, spending, spending is on the minds of Democrats.  But despite the promises from Biden that his new tax plans won’t reach middle-class Americans, the GOP has pointed to the fact regular taxpayers will foot the bill.

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, joined The Cats Roundtable to voice his concerns for the future of the American economy under the new Biden administration.  He characterized Biden’s first hundred days as a “bait and switch” that bucked bi-partisanship he promised to foster. The Minority Leader found it particularly egregious that Biden’s tax plans, while being framed as targeting the higher-income brackets, ultimately hit all Americans below the belt.

“In these great big bills, there’s just waste, fraud, but more importantly, corruption,” McCarthy noted.  In the case of Biden’s over multi-trillion infrastructure bill, McCarthy marked it as a bunch of smoke and mirrors.  He balked at Democrats’ new definition of “infrastructure,” which goes beyond fixing America’s roads and bridges.  He pointed to the money allocated in the bill allotted to cities like San Francisco “to pay off their debt.”

“That’s a waste of money and the hard-working taxpayers of America should not have to pay for that,” McCarthy said, adding the infrastructure plan punished the American energy industry at the cusp of American self-dependence.  Instead, according to McCarthy, Biden intends to spend more on electric cars than what is being spent “on roads, bridges, and airports combined,” despite 3% of the population owning one.  And with China having near-monopolies on the rare-earth materials needed to make the batteries for electric cars, McCarthy said Democratic progressivism will ultimately abandon American energy independence for a new relationship with Beijing.

And in the end, who was going to cash Biden’s check?  McCarthy says, Americans only need to look in the mirror.

“When the president talks about he’s not going to raise taxes on people under 400,000 that’s a lie,” McCarthy said.  “This is going to hurt the small business that has struggled for so long to get out of Covid.  Business isn’t going to be able to get up and running, because of the burden, the tax.  And the regulation they’re proposing is going to harm our economy.”

While directly impacting the American economy, Biden will also be sending signals that will empower our adversaries like Russia and China.  McCarthy explained that the GOP was attempting to shift the focus, back to the day-to-day priorities of the American people.

“The real focus should be putting us back to work, back to school, back to health, and back to normal,” McCarthy said about Biden’s leadership.

“All he’s doing with America is harming us with this green new deal, so our small businesses won’t be able to survive, people will not be able to get hired,” the Minority Leader continued. “I’m very concerned because of what he’s doing on the expansion of government, harming the job creation where we want people to get back to work.  The small businesses have struggled, the money that he put with Covid wasn’t about Covid.”

McCarthy believes Republicans can use Biden’s missteps to present a better picture of the American future.

“They have to earn it,” he said about the GOP’s chances in the 2022 election cycle.  “But what will happen is you will have checks and balances, you won’t have this extreme socialism, where you’ll have a debate, and members would have to show up and vote to get paid.  Bills would have to go through the committee.  This would be a chance for what America actually believes in and wants to see happen.”

“There is a place for everybody and a voice inside the Republican party,” the Minority Leader continued, “because we are looking out for America, the hard-working taxpayer of America.”

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