The President’s quest to prove he won the November 3rd election continues, with his campaign taking their case of widespread voter fraud to the courts and state legislatures in key battleground states.

Leading the helm of the President’s legal challenges, former New York Mayor, and Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, joined The Cats Roundtable to give the latest developments on the President’s case.

Giuliani explained that the Trump campaign was focused on four states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona.

“I think our best chance is in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona. I would say Wisconsin in the courts, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona in the legislature,” Giuliani explained.

In Wisconsin, the Trump campaign alleges absentee ballots were not properly cast, and by Wisconsin law were “null and void.” “If Wisconsin courts follow the law, those should be struck,” Giuliani said.  “And they should be more than the margin to award the state from Biden to Trump.”

In Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona, Giuliani believes state legislatures must go against the current results, which has Biden winning those state, and appoint their own electors to vote for Trump.

At Giuliani’s recent hearing before members of the Georgia state legislature, he told The Cats Roundtable the Trump campaign produced “the most traumatic piece of evidence in this entire proceeding,” comparing the evidence to “a bank heist.”

That evidence alleges that early on the morning of November 4th, democrats forced bi-partisan observers out of the polling station, before counting out tens of thousands of ballots hidden under a covered table.

“There’s no reason to be chasing people out to count ballots if they’re legitimate ballots, and that alone would change the result in Georgia,” Giuliani asserted, adding the number of ballots were calculated to be “160,000 ballots” heavily in favor of Biden.

With many in the Trump campaign, even the President himself, calling on the Supreme Court to take up their case, Giuliani says most of his trouble is with the legislatures, and he railed against state Republicans for their stonewalling the legal efforts of the Trump team.

“They don’t seem like they have the courage to do what the constitution points the finger at them and asks them to do, it seems like they’re quaking,” Giuliani said.  He took particular aim at Pennsylvania Republican leaders who he said “didn’t deserve to be in politics” after rejecting the Trump campaign’s arguments.

“When I present them with 882,770 illegal ballots in Pennsylvania,” Giuliani told The Cats Roundtable, “based on 25 witnesses and experts—that’s not a case, that’s an overwhelming case.”

But Giuliani was more confident in states like Georgia and Michigan, where he believed legislators were finally listening to the evidence.

“I got to tell you I’m very impressed by the legislature in Georgia and Michigan,” Giuliani told The Cats Roundtable.  “All they want are the facts.  They made it quite clear, if he didn’t win, it’s not changing anything. If they see evidence of fraud, they’ll change it, and that’s all I want.  If we don’t have the proof, tell us we don’t have the proof, but don’t tell us you’re afraid to do it.”

Facing kickback from Republicans in states like Arizona and Pennsylvania, Giuliani and the Trump campaign took aim at Republican governors for not doing enough to support Trump’s legal challenges.

“You have got resistance in the leadership, and you have a governor—it’s hard to tell what he’s doing, just like in Georgia,” Giuliani said.

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