Former Lt. Col. Oliver North joined The Cats Roundtable to sound the alarm on Biden’s handling of the growing overtures from China.  North’s warning comes as China ramps up its rhetoric over Taiwan this October, with Chinese Leader Xi Jinping calling for the reunification of the island nation with the mainland.  

“The bottom line of it is Xi Jinping is going to take advantage of every opportunity he can find to further push communist China to become the dominant world power and push us further aside,” North told The Cats Roundtable.

It’s also no surprise that the growing aggression from Beijing coincides with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.  North called the US exit from Afghanistan a “perfect example” of how Biden’s foreign policy was playing right into the hands of Beijing.  From Biden’s refusal to reverse course even as the security situation deteriorated to the disastrous stranding of thousands of Americans and Afghan allies or the abandoning of billions of dollars of US military equipment, North believed Biden’s actions ultimately benefited Beijing

“It does make you kind of wonder why Biden has basically become a subservient minion of Xi Jinping,” North told The Cats Roundtable, adding the President was acting “almost as though he’s being blackmailed.”

But as Biden backtracks, Beijing is stepping up to bat.  North told The Cats Roundtable that China is beginning to “build countermeasures to our very effective weaponry” while making ties with US adversaries such as Iran that will benefit Tehran’s nuclear program.   Instead of facing these threats, it seemed the Democratic leadership was intent on making “social justice warriors” of the US military.

“This administration is going to pay a terrible price for it and the Communist Chinese are getting ready for a war,” North said, adding China’s aggression toward Taiwan was “testing whether this President is going to stand up for the commitments we made for mutual-defense for Taiwan.”

North called for Congress to investigate Biden’s decision-making when it came to Beijing, particularly his conversation with the Chinese leader earlier this year.

“I strongly endorse the idea of having a congressional joint commission,” North said, “to investigate why these decisions are being made and who’s giving him advice.”

Listen to the interview below

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