Interview Highlights

– Speaks about No Labels, a national citizen’s organization working inside the Beltway and around the nation to usher in a new era of focused problem solving in American politics. The centrist group is sponsoring a convention in New Hampshire on October 12th with presidential candidates pushing them to commit to a plan to create 25 million jobs in the next decade, to get the United States energy self-sufficient, to balance the budget, and to secure Social Security and Medicare funding for the next 75 years. 

– “We’ll spend the whole day — Oct. 12 — not necessarily talking about what they want to do as president, but realistically how they are going to get it done. That is the question that all Americans should be asking these candidates. How are you going to do what you are talking about? Because that gets you right to problem solving.”

– Congress often governs by an agenda of “crisis or catastrophe,” failing to act until the last minute.

– “We always say we are not talking about everybody being a moderate, we’re talking about the fact that people have different opinions.” The goal of No Labels is to get elected officials and candidates to negotiate and compromise- not to turn everyone into a moderate. No Labels“is a bipartisan movement whose time has come.”

About Joseph Lieberman

Former Senator Joseph Lieberman is former United States Senator from Connecticut from 1998- 2006.  He is a Democratic/Independent.  He was the party’s nominee for Vice President in the 2000 election.

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