Interview Highlights

– “We’re going to be well into January before this thing (the Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus) starts flushing out to the point where you can even start talking about the top five and the bottom five….The people are waiting to make up their minds…”

– “I am still hearing the buzz about Donald Trump, I hear people with strong opinions about him, both the positives and the negatives. I certainly have not seen any indication yet that the negative opinions that I’m hearing are outnumbering the positive opinions that I’m hearing.”

– “I’m sensing some momentum in the Rubio campaign, in the Christie campaign, in the Bush campaign, I’m sensing some on the ground movement for Bobby Jindal out here.”

About Jeff Kaufmann

Chairman Jeff Kaufmann has been the Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party since 2013.  Iowa is the state to hold a nomination contest on the 2016 Presidential schedule.  Iowa Caucuses are held February 1, 2016.  Every serious candidate for President competes in the Iowa caucuses.  Prior to serving as State party Chairman, he served in the Iowa House of Representatives from 2005 to 2013. During his tenure in the Iowa House, he developed a record as a fiscal conservative, Second Amendment defender and a tireless advocate of property rights.  Kaufmann, 51, is a seventh-generation livestock farmer. He is a department chair at MuscatineCommunity College, where he teaches history and government.

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