11817241_953670784656098_4935226972326148001_nHighlights of CATS JR. Interview with Matt Walker on his father’s (Gov. Scott Walker) run for the Presidency:

– “Young people are not very engaged in politics because of the dysfunction in Washington.”

– “We need leaders who can cut through the dysfunction and get things done.”

– “The Walker campaign has focused on “going where young people are” including college campuses and youf professional groups.”

– “Speaks about his experiences as the son of a leading GOP presidential candidate. ” 

About Matt Walker 

Matt Walker, 22, is the son of Wisconsin Governor and 2016 Presidential candidate Scott Walker. In addition to attending Marquette University, Matt Walker is the former regional vice chairman of the Midwest division of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC). The younger Walker said that part of being a politician’s son is certainly entertaining, but it’s not always that way. Disagreements do arise, and they aren’t easy to solve when your dad has been adopting partisan views since he was 25 years old. Matt and his brother Alex, 19, are taking time off from college to help their father’s campaign.

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