Interview Highlights

– “David Brock ( long-time Clinton ally) … has been collecting dirt on Joe Biden, which they’re ready to release if Biden gets into the race, you can be sure the Clintons are not going to stand idly by and let Biden have a free ride.”

– States that President Obama would endorse Biden over Hillary Clinton but “what he’s asked for is a … final say in Biden’s choice [for vice president], it is my understanding that Barack Obama would like to see Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts and an African American, run on the Biden ticket.”

About Edward Klein

Edward Klein is an  editor, writer and public speaker.  He worked for Newsweek, where he became foreign editor and then assistant managing editor with jurisdiction over foreign and military affairs.  From Newsweek, he joined The New York Times. As editor in chief of The New York Times Magazine, he led this flagship publication of the Sunday Times to new heights of public interest and editorial excellence. During his editorship, The New York Times Magazine won the first Pulitzer Prize in its history.  His nonfiction books have all appeared on The New York Times Best Seller List. They include: The Truth About Hillary;  Katie: The Real Story; Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died; The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House; and  Blood Feud: The Clintons Vs. The Obamas. His latest book is Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary.

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