Interview Highlights

– Speaks about his role at Columbia directing a Center exploring “how to get rid of diseases that we can prevent…80% of chronic diseases in middle income and high income countries can be prevented.”

– We look at how much of that (preventable diseases) can we prevent with the money we have and how do we do that.”

– The vaccine in Cuba for lung cancer “doesn’t kill it but slows it down…it can extend life for 3-6 months.” It has not been tested extensively in the U.S. 

About Dr. Peter Muennig

Dr. Peter Muennig is the Director of Global Research Analytics for Population Health Policy and Management Policies at Columbia University.   His research focuses on education, immigration, welfare, the control of industrial pollution, health insurance, and the built environment have the potential to radically transform the fabric of societies globally.  Peter Muennig’s research focuses on eliminating the preventable burden of disease through the optimal mix of actionable medical and non-medical social policies. He is currently directing a center at Columbia University, GRAPH, which seeks to provide local policymakers worldwide with information on how to reduce disease at the lowest cost. Peter has advised the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Health Canada, the Chilean government, and the Chinese government regarding which policies might be needed to optimize population health. He has published 100 peer-reviewed articles in the scientific literature, and has written 4 books. 

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