Interview Highlights

– The second amendment is about “having the ability and the right to defend oneself and their family and to deter aspiring dictators and tyrants starting with King George of England.”

– Speaks about examples of governments disarming their citizens and the dire consequences that followed.

–  Only “3% of criminals are using legally obtained guns to commit their crimes.”

– To obtain a gun permit, we should “require 4 notarized affidavits of character that have to be obtained from adults who believe you are of good moral character to have a gun, and many of the lone wolves living in their mother’s basement watching violent video games and ISIS recruitment videos probably would have a tough time getting those 4 affidavits.”

About Dr. Peter Michalos

Dr. Peter Michalos is an ophthalmologist in Southhampton.  He attended medical school at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and graduated in 1986 serves with 29 years of experience.  Dr. Peter Michalos MD is a board certified physician who has served in the past as Chief of Surgery and President of the medical staff of his community Hospital. He has worked in Rikers Island maximum security as a physician in the 1990s and has served as Voluntary police surgeon. Dr. Michalos is well known in medical circles not only for his expertise and published articles, but also for his well-researched public statements regarding a wide ranging of social issues.  Today he speaks on the topic of gun ownership and solving problems to keep firearms from the hands of criminals and those with a history of aberrant mental behavior.  

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