Interview Highlights

On the relationship between the U.S. and Canada with the election of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister:
– “The big question will be, will the relationship get better between the White House and the prime minister’s office, or will it … maybe deteriorate a little bit?”
– Trudeau is “only 43 years old, didn’t have much in the way of a career. Before that he was a teacher for a while, and an actor for a while, and a model for a while. But he’s mostly been a politician in recent years.”
– “Mr. Trudeau is very positive with a very friendly demeanor, and that’s going over very well, but we have to see how he’s going to govern.”

On the Keystone Pipeline:

– “There is no doubt [Trudeau] would be supportive of the United States taking more Canadian oil.”
– “If (Hillary) Clinton were to go into the White House and say, it’s now time to build the Keystone XL pipeline, then Trudeau would definitely go along with it.”

About Dr. Earl Fry

Dr. Earl Fry is to comment on the recent election of Canada’s recent election of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. A Professor of Political Science and Endowed Professor of Canadian Studies at Brigham Young University. Canada’s progress over the past several decades has become an area of concentration for Dr. Fry’s comparative research, as he advocates for many of the policies that Canada has adopted to reduce deficits and balance budgets. While much of his research focuses on lessons learned for US policy from European countries and Canada, Dr. Fry says that the American example can offer some valuable lessons to the rest of the world. “I think that the United States still does a better job with respect to productivity. There is more innovation in the private sector in the United States, and more risk-taking. So there are lessons that would be useful for Canada, and certainly other nations.”

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