The rumors surrounding Vice President Kamala Harris’ relationship with her boss, Joe Biden, are painting a dire picture.  After a string of tone-deaf public appearances, Harris is finding more and more pushback from the White House, her own party, and the media that championed her, as apprehension mounts about her ability to compete in the 2024 presidential election.

To add fuel to the fire, internal leaks from the White House and testimonies from current and former aides have painted her Vice Presidency as insulated, bumbling, and insensitive to the political issues from border policy to voter rights legislation.  

“To put two and two together, I think that all is not happy in the Biden-Harris relationship,” Dick Morris told The Cats Roundtable this Sunday, noting Harris’ job approval rating was slipping into the double digits compared to Biden.

To Morris, the internal divisions appearing in the Biden-Harris alliance were further exacerbated by the questions regarding Biden’s fitness for office.  He noted rumors and leaks that Biden’s inability to command the office was “becoming noticeable” and “harder to camouflage.” For Harris, the quickest and safest route to the White House would to invoke the 25th amendment, according to Morris.

“The Democrats are realizing they’re cooked in 2022 for Congress—they’ll lose the House, the Senate they might also lose,” he told The Cats Roundtable.  “And I think there is a sense of this panic among Democrats.  And as Biden gets worse, the movement to replace him under the 25th amendment might grow.”

But Biden’s unfitness for office, or Harris’s lagging ability, shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Many were shocked when Biden shot to the top of the Democratic ticket after his endorsement by S.C. Rep. Jim Clyburn, but the real shock came when Biden announced Harris as his running mate, despite her running one of the worst crash-and-burn presidential campaigns in modern history, dropping out before the 2020 Iowa Caucuses.  

And Morris, who had the foresight then to see the seams that are appearing today between Biden and Harris, said this alliance was “not a marriage made in heaven.”  The recent media leaks from White House insiders from the media only reconfirmed the fear Democrats are feeling.

“When you read the stories dumping on Harris, they have to have come from Biden,” Morris told The Cats Roundtable, adding the White House, worried about the future for Biden, seems to be responding to the very real threat of a Harris coup.

Whatever reasons or doubts fueling the growing fissures in the White House, the certainty is Democratic skepticism is at an all time high of Harris ability to challenge a Republican contender in 2024.

From her historical campaign flush to her cringy response regarding how Democrats were handling the border crisis, to her recent controversy regarding rural Americans, fears Biden’s transitional presidency could transition to nothing is palpable.   If Biden were to run, he would be 81 years old.  But Morris is certain the mental questions regarding Biden will make that all but an impossibility.  Combined with Harris’s lackluster public support and growing bitterness at the decision to choose her for the ticket, some Democrats, according to Morris, won’t wait for Harris to crash and burn again: using the 25th amendment, they’ll take it for her.

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