Resistance on Capitol Hill to Biden’s infrastructure plan is growing.  It’s not just Republicans tossing water on Biden’s spending plans, with growing bipartisan pushback from his own party.

Political strategist and pollster, Dick Morris, told The Cats Roundtable that fears over the 2022 election were beginning to peel support from Biden’s tax legislation.

“I believe that Biden is running out of steam, and I believe his moment with the Democrats is being cut,” Morris said.

Morris also told The Cats Roundtable he believed moderate Democrats in the Senate were finding more and more that the ultra-liberal spending at the heart of Biden’s economic plans could tip the balance in favor of the GOP in the 2022 election.   

The prioritizing of ideology over the American people had become intolerable even to Democratic lawmakers.

With a 50/50 split in the Senate, and Democrats holding the House by a slim 9 seat majority, the political risks for Democrats were beginning to sink in.  

Biden’s policies, and their radical undertones, have lost the pulse of the American people, if they ever felt it at all, according to Morris.

“Democrats in congress are a lot less willing to charge the barricades,” he told The Cats Roundtable.

But a bipartisan effort to halt Biden’s spending may be the only thing keeping the economy on track.  The May jobs report seemed to confirm economist fears that the unprecedented government spending during the pandemic was actually hindering the recovery.  

With inflation fears, growing anxiety over extreme economic and social programs, and the very real possibility of losing their majority in one or both Houses of Congress, Democrats were beginning to look across the aisle.

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