Interview Highlights

– Speaks about his research on inner city gangs and work to prevent violent acts among street gangs, and innovative crime fighting techniques.

About David M. Kennedy

Professor David M. Kennedy is a criminologist, professor, action researcher, and author specializing in crime prevention among inner city gangs, especially in the prevention of violent acts among street gangs.  Kennedy currently directs a research center at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.  Kennedy and John Jay College President Jeremy Travis founded the National Network for Safe Communities to link cities using Kennedy’s strategies to reduce violence, minimize arrest and incarceration, improve legitimacy, and strengthen relationships between law enforcement and distressed communities.  He is the author of two books, Don’t Shoot: One Man, A Street Fellowship, and the End of Violence in Inner-City America (2011), Crime Prevention: Reconsidering the Prospect of Sanction (2008), a theoretical publication. 

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