Interview Highlights

– Speaks about his recent announcement with Vice President Joe Biden to pool $38 million from his office and $40 million from the federal government to “once and for all eliminate the backlog of rape kits” around the country.

– Rape kits, which get DNA samples to prosecute those that sexual assault women and men, “have remained on shelves around the country, in police labs and warehouses untested. It is estimated that there are several hundred thousand of these rape kits that have not been tested to determine whether the DNA of the attacker is in there and then to compare that DNA with the national datatbase of people who have been convicted of crimes where their DNA exists.”

– Speaks about his national and international efforts to battle cyber-crime. “Cyber-crime is our biggest threat, second to terrorism as a country and world community.”

– We are “still not stemming the tide” on cyber-crime. We need to “prevent cyber-crime from spreading, not just prosecuting it after it has occurred.”

About Cyrus Vance, Jr.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., was elected District Attorney of New York County in 2010. Over the following four years, Mr. Vance enhanced the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as a national leader in criminal justice.   Recently Mr. Vance dedicated $39 million dollars in forfeiture funds toward the testing of over 10,000 rape kits which have set dormant for years.  A move applauded by women’s groups all across the country where 10’s of thousands of the kits await processing.   Last week Vance led an impressive group of lawmakers and business people in Washington DC discussing new strategies and tools to combat cybercrime—and how treasurers and financial officers can help identify, report, and fight cybercrime.

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