The impeachment trial for President Trump is expected to reach a vote this upcoming Wednesday, with an acquittal expected from the Republican-controlled Senate.

The Senate voted down a motion to hear from witnesses on Friday, including John Bolton, former national security adviser to President Trump, who in a forthcoming book said Trump asked him to withhold military aid tied to Ukraine.  The 51-49 vote was largely along party lines, with only two Republicans, Senators Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, joining Democrats in a call for witnesses.

Congressman Peter King sat in with The Cats Roundtable to explain why he’s relieved to see the trial finally play out, why Democratic plans have backfired, and what he hopes can go forward after the impeachment.

Representative King was unequivocal about his feelings on impeachment: the allegations against President Trump were not impeachable offenses in the first place.  The decision in the Senate not to see more witnesses reaffirms that the Democrats didn’t have a case to argue. He praised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans for bringing the trial closer to an end, so lawmakers can focus on legislation that benefits the American people.

If Democrats were expecting Americans to grow tired of the impeachment process, and therefore tired of President Trump, then they’ve come up short.

“At the end of the week, the President had the support he needed,” King told The Cats Roundtable, criticizing what he sees as coordination between “biased” media outlets like the New York Times and Democratic lawmakers to oust the President.

With the impeachment trial coming to a close, King said he’s relieved; the President will be able to concentrate “full-steam ahead representing and working for the country” without the impeachment hanging over his head.

While the drama unfolds in Washington, King took time to focus on close-to-home issues in New York state, including the recent bail reforms that went into effect at the beginning of January, as well as recent protests in New York City against subway fares and policing.

The sweeping bail reforms, voted in last April, has led to some defendants, who are charged with domestic violence or sex-related cases, being let go without electronic monitoring, frustrating prosecutors and judges alike.  “I think we are right now in a very, very dangerous precipice,” King said, adding “the no-bail law has to be changed immediately.”

Taking the bail reform alongside New York’s sanctuary status—meaning the jurisdiction ignores requests by ICE for arrested illegal immigrants—King warned that this leads to criminals believing their thinking “is legitimate.”

He railed against progressive leaders for failing to condemn protests in New York City this Friday, where hundreds of demonstrators called for free-fare and an end to police presence on the subway.

King sees the current confusion with laws like the bail reform and New York City’s sanctuary status as emboldening violence and aggression to the police, even as citizens need the police most.

“I’m concerned about the average citizen,” King said.  “Because the cops are our defense between anarchy and safety.”

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