Congressman Peter King checked back into The Cats Roundtable following the announcement this Thursday by Speaker Pelosi calling for the drafting of the articles of impeachment against President Trump. He gave his case on why the average American is against impeachment, and how Democrats are stonewalling important legislation in favor of their vendetta against the President.

Impeachment is one of the most serious acts Congress can carry out, but Representative King believes Democrats are treating impeachment like a “highway transportation bill.” He criticized their lack of patience in taking time to subpoena witnesses while affirming Republicans find the impeachment process a political ploy, one Democrats are expediting to a vote ahead of Christmas to prepare for the Democratic primaries next spring.

He says that the entire process is a fundamental break down between the independence of the three branches of government.

“You may disagree with what the President did, you may think it’s the wrong policy, you may think they should change the policy—but none of that involves impeachment,” he explained to Catsimatidis.

“Even if you take the worst-case scenario, it’s not a crime,” he said, saying the worse the impeachment inquiries have shown is that a call between President Trump and the President of Ukraine was “ambiguous.” He told The Cats Roundtable that the process was “disgraceful,” while adding to the majority of Congress the impeachment was “almost a side issue.”

He railed lawmakers focused on impeachment while important votes and legislation stalled on the House floor, telling Catsimatidis that on Wednesday and Thursday this past week, Congress finished by the mid-afternoon.

With important trade deals stuck in limbo, such as the USMCA between the US, Mexico, and Canada, Representative King observes Democrats to be willing to hold off important legislation in favor of impeaching President Trump, stonewalling behind the scenes.

But the stonewalling is going to have some near term effect, with a partial government shut down scheduled for December 20th, unless lawmakers can agree in both houses to a spending bill. King explains these pressing decisions are put on the back burner, with an impeachment vote set before Christmas.

“We’ll have wasted all this time just trying to satisfy a partisan vendetta against the President,” Representative King said.

Representative King’s gut feeling is Democrats are going to feel the pain from impeachment, with swing states becoming vulnerable if they don’t focus on what voters want.

“It’s a suicide strategy,” he said but added that Speaker Pelosi and Democratic leaders have been forced into a corner by a left-wing base. While Representative King finds this good for Republicans, he says it’s bad for the country, as other key issues such as NATO, the tariff war with China, and North Korea have been taken off the plate by Democrats.

Representative King thinks an overwhelming majority of Americans will call for a refocusing on the things that matter. Though they may have not voted for Trump, they’ll believe impeachment is a distraction from real policies that can affect their lives, and that swing districts across the country will be in danger of a red tide if Washington doesn’t keep its ear to the ground.

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