Interview Highlights

– Speaks about the United Nations High Commission on Refugees and their mission,
– The High Commission on Refugees was established 65 years ago in the immediate aftermath of WWII to organize the return of the millions of people displaced due to the war. The Commission’s mission has continued because of continued war and conflict in the world.
– Regarding the Syrian refugee crisis: The commission understand that “all countries have a duty to manage their borders and the security of their borders, but advocates that in doing so they do not violate anybody’s human rights and does not violate anyone’s basic right to seek asylum in another country, which is enshrined in international law.”
– In Syria, “things are getting worse with no end in sight.”

About Chris Boian

Chris Boian is the Director of Public Affairs for the High Commission on Refugees at the United Nations. Mr. Boian is a veteran international media expert who brings three decades of global experience in press and communications, government relations and strategic risk analysis in his role as Director of Public Affairs at turner4D. A native of Colorado fluent in several languages, Chris has spent most of the past 30 years outside the United States as a foreign correspondent, news executive and media consultant, living and working in world capitals as well as the most obscure outposts on the planet. He has lectured on media, politics and international affairs at Denver University, Moscow State Institute for International Relations, London School of Economics and the Sorbonne.

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