Bill O’Reilly joined The Cats Roundtable to break down this past heated week in the news.

Protests have spilled into violence across the country following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday. O’Reilly called Floyd’s death, which was captured on video and quickly went viral on social media, an “execution.” He echoed the chorus of voices, often within law enforcement itself, condemning Floyd’s death.

He was also quick to note that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement are there to protect and serve their communities, and called the looting and violence in the wake of the peaceful protests “unacceptable.” “You can’t tear the system down and demonize all law enforcement,” he said. “These things are terrible for America, but they don’t define the USA.”

The protests come as eyes are increasingly focused on the 2020 Presidential Election, and O’Reilly told The Cats Roundtable that Trump’s biggest opponent is not Joe Biden, but rather it’s Trump himself.

Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, has faced criticism for his low profile during the past few months. O’Reilly called his recent appearances last week on CNN and other networks “lucid” but demonstrated Biden’s lack of substance. “It’s not really Trump running against Biden, it’s Trump running against Trump,” he told The Cats Roundtable, adding that 2020 voters will decide based on their relationship with Trump.

While Biden reluctantly finds his way to the public eye, President Trump has stoked controversy on Twitter after the social media giant flagged his tweets concerning mail-in ballot voter fraud. Trump subsequently issued an executive order targeting social media protections, and many of Trump’s supporters argue Twitter has too long gotten away with censoring conservatives.

“We have to acknowledge the world is changing and social media dominates the information flow in the country,” O’Reilly explained.

O’Reilly perceives Twitter’s actions as a larger trend overtaking media, and called Twitter’s decision “an enormous mistake.” He called on more legislation targeting social media platforms to take responsibility for the content posted to their sites.

The President’s tweets came as states and lawmakers have increasingly been looking how to pull off the 2020 election amid the current coronavirus concerns. Those concerns have a few Democratic governors continuing to put off completely lifting of restrictions, but O’Reilly said that Americans have been “revolting” across the country,” and with much of the country returning to work, he told The Cats Roundtable, “I think the folks have spoken.”

While O’Reilly supported the return to some sense of normalcy, he told The Cats Roundtable that “common sense” and abiding by social distancing guidelines were the only way to move forward.

The United States also announced this past week that it would be cutting ties with the World Health Organization. The decision comes after critics of the WHO, including President Trump, have said it minimized the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in conjunction with China.

While O’Reilly called China “America’s biggest enemy,” he insisted that the U.S. has to play a delicate game with Beijing, something he called part of “the big picture.”

“We have to be very careful that we do as much diplomacy as possible, because we don’t want to start a worldwide economic war,” he said.

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