Interview Highlights

– “Times Square was a nightmare in 1990… and today Times Square is arguably one of the safest places in the world. So what we’re dealing with, the irony of it, if 25 years ago we thought we’d be talking about topless women and Elmo characters in the square as the major problem, we would not have believed it…these are nuisance issues”.
– “We are trying to find ways within our laws, and we always have to operate within the law, to deal with those among the population who are potentially harassing or in some way intimidating people who want to be in the square for family purposes, fun purposes, entertainment purposes.”
– “The Mayor has formed a task force of all the various city agencies and some of the business entities in Times Square to see are there solutions to the problem that can be done legally. Because we can certainly not do anything illegally to deal with the problem. I’m comfortable that at some point we’ll get it resolved”.
– “Overall crime is down again this year after last year’s record low numbers. We’re up somewhat on the homicides. Shootings, we’re now seeing those numbers go in the negative direction, and there’s a real possibility that we might end up under 100,000 crimes at the end of the year. That would be the first time in anybody’s recollection that we had so few crimes in the city of New York”.

About NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton

Bill Bratton Wednesday August 12, 2015 was world elephant day.  The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), founded in 1895, has the clear mission to save wildlife and wild places across the globe.  John Calvelli is the Executive Vice President for the Public Affairs Division of WCS.  He helped found and currently Chairs the Executive Committee of the International Conservation Partnership (ICP), comprised of senior public affairs representatives from the major global U.S. conservation organizations. Calvelli is also a member of the New York State Environmental Leaders Group. 

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